The truth is that its not 60% exercise, 40% nutrition and it is also doesn’t fall into 70% nutrition, 30% exercise. The truth that many fitness experts have learned over time and experience is that the facts show it is 100% committment to exercise and healthy eating. That does not necessarily mean you are intended to eat clean 24/7 and exercise 2 times per day, it just means you have chosen to live a clean lifestyle, period.

​Without proper fuel to power the body, you are incapable to function at your maximum capacity. You would never want to add rusty old gas into your new car so why would you want to ingest ingredients that are not building you up, but deteriorating you from the inside out.

Whether your plan is to try and improve or take control, assure you include the essential nutrients:

Proteins, Fats, Carbohydrates, Vitamins, Minerals and Water

Everyone must strive to include these elements by ingesting proper foods as the body can not manufacture all the nutrients fast anough or at all for our energy systems to supply us with necessary energy.

Our body consists of 3 Energy Systems that supply the body with energy, depending on what activity you are taking part in, an energy system is in charge.

Anaerobic Alactic, Anaerobic Lactic & Oxidative. Their sources of fuel consist of ATP & CP which is made by the body, stores of glucose & glycogen and fat & protein.

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