Shot of a young women stretching her leg. Studio shot, Isolated on white.

You most likely think of ‘running’ when you see the dreaded word cardio. But really cardiorespiratory endurance exercise is your body’s capability to perform prolonged, dynamic exercise at moderate to high intensity levels that consist of using large muscle groups. What is your current training intensity?

This is otherwise known as absolute strength or relative strength. Your absolute strength refers to the maximum effort of a load that can be produced. Relative strength is connected to a person’s body weight. Typically meaning the weight you can produce with one effort. What is your 1 repetition maximum? Or 5 repetition maximum?

This is one of the most important training components to surpass before beginning intense training. It is the capability of your muscle or muscle groups to consistently contract or to remain contracted for a certain period of time. What percentile category do you fall into for your upper and lower body endurance? How about your core?

Sometimes we forget the importance of flexibility. Don’t forget this is highly related to physical strength. Protect your joints and create a larger range of motion by beginning a regular flexibility routine whether or not you take part in a regular exercise program.

Our body is made of fat and fat free mass. The nice fact about body composition is that it may be altered to your preferred liking. Advanced testing methods are included to track your ongoing progress and to show where you have improved or where you still need improvement.