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Our focus is to bring the motivation right to you…Literally! Our BCRPA certified trainers specialize  structured programs made specifically for each clients body type. We guarantee your body wll thank you! Not only does working alongside a trainer get you there faster and safer but more effective! With our trainers knowledge and experience, we are determined to guide you on your road to success.

It is a challenge and a stress to many Canadians to take control and live a healthy lifestyle. Achieving and most importantly maintaining a healthy body weight is on every ones agenda, but most do not have the knowledge to succeed. As rates of the overweight and obese population increase, changes must be made to decrease chronic illness. Weight control is a manageable task that takes some time and effort but in long term providing a stronger, happier and more fulfilling life.

How do our muscles really work? Muscles consist of bundles of muscle fibers that are connected and covered with layers of connective tissue. When they receive the signal to contract, a protein called actin and myosin overlap and contract causing the muscle to shorten. This process then causes the muscle fibers to increase in size. When activated it gives our body improved composition relating to fat and fat free mass over time with a regular strength training program.

The six pack is the most challenging and the most rewarding part of training! We all want it but don’t know how to achieve this desired physique. The core is targeted through spinal flexion, lateral flexion and rotation of the upper body controlled by the obliques. The transverse abdominus is another key point in getting that flat stomach. Its main purpose is to bring the belly button towards the spine giving you that slimmer waist size.

We thrive to be in the business of satisfaction. Of course everyone and anyone’s goal is to get results, and we get Results! This is ebFIT’s purpose and we aim to fulfill. With some self-commitment and proper training comes success!

A true understanding of your inner needs is our first main interest. Once we uncover the problem, we alter what has been holding you back. Anything is possible! You will recieve encouragement and motivation 100% of the way.



Whether you have just started or want to shake up the daily exercise routine with something else.


The ebFIT personal trainers are here to work around your schedule so that you do not have to miss your work.


All you need to do is contact us, and we will be happy to answer any queries that you might have.


personal trainers can help by designing the perfect program especially for you.